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B1 Greek Grammar | 2021-2022

The course is designed for candidates of the Certificate of Attainment in Greek at Β1 level , who aim at better understanding and practicing grammar phenomena corresponding to this basic level.
Enrollment is Closed

About the course

about_photo Are you of Greek origin but can’t speak Greek? Would you like to be able to communicate with your Greek friends and relatives? Do you need Greek for your job or studies? Do you think it’s important to have a certificate of competency in Greek? Greek is not only the official language of Greece and Cyprus but is also spoken in Australia, the USA, in Canada, Russia and more. With a long history dating back to the 15th century BC, Greek greatly influenced all the European languages in sciences, arts, philosophy, and medicine.

Understanding the structure of the Greek language, especially its complex grammar, constitutes a great challenge in the process of learning Greek for non-native speakers. In this course you will find grammar phenomena of the B1 level which is the first out of the six language learning levels (A1-C2) that signifies an independent user and is considered to be crucial (according to CEFRL). If you feel that you need to become more independent and efficient in common communicative situations, you must choose this course.

Welcome to your Greek Grammar course. Here, on this platform you will find all the Greek grammar phenomena that you need to know for the B1 (intermediate) Level .

Who is this course for?

  • For students of Greek that have completed the A2 Level.
  • For students of Greek who want to sit for the B1 Level Ellinomatheia exams.
  • For students of Greek of all higher levels who would like to acquire and become more familiar with the grammar phenomena of the intermediate level of Greek language.
  • For students of Greek of all higher levels who would like to get some practise in a fun and interactive way in grammar phenomena they already know but feel the need to revise and become independent users of them.

Why enroll in this course?

  • To take one step further in the grammar you already know (A2 beginner knowledge).
  • To study grammar phenomena of the B1 intermediate/threshold Level.
  • To practise and fully acquire the grammar of the B1 Level at your own pace and in your own time.
  • To answer all your questions with the support of an experienced and specialized instructor.
  • To be certain that you are aptly prepared for the grammar part of the Ellinomatheia exams.

What can you do in this course?

  • Watch videos with theoretical guidance on the grammar accompanied by various and numerous of examples.
  • Practise with a set of exercises, consisted of closed-ended or open-ended questions, with visual, audio and video material.
  • Play with grammar using the embedded apps.
  • Chat with fellow students in the forum.
  • Ask for the instructor’s help.

What will you learn in this course?

  • The masculine, feminine and neuter nouns
  • The definite and indefinite article
  • The definite and the demonstrative pronouns
  • The Passive voice of the verbs
  • The Subjunctive mood of the verbs
  • More types of adjectives and their comparatives
  • The Tenses of the verbs: Past Continuous, Present Perfect and Past Perfect
  • The use of the genitive/possessive and the accusative case of the nouns
  • The indefinite pronouns
  • The Imperative mood of the verbs
  • The Subordinate Clauses (nominal and adverbial)
  • The Indirect Speech
  • The Conditional Clauses

About The Greek Online School

Greek Lessons Online

The Greek Online School is the first online Greek school founded in 2012. At The Greek Online School, qualified and specialised teachers, who are based in Greece, teach Greek as a second or foreign language to more than 1000 adults and children -from age 6- from all over the world. The Greek Online School hosts at least 400 live lessons every week in private, semi-private and group classes. This extensive experience in Greek language Education combined with our team’s creativity and passion to support Greek language learners, led to the creation of The Greek Online School LMS. Our team of teachers is constantly working on enhancing existing materials and developing new content. We are incredibly proud of our dedicated teachers!


Stella Bompotsiari

Stella Bompotsiari Vri, Founder & Director of Studies

Καλώς ήλθατε! A warm welcome to all of you who are ready to challenge yourselves in Greek! I am the Founder & Director of the Greek Online School. In my role, I combine my educational and technology studies with my passion to support our growing team of teachers and students. Now, get ready to experience the most innovative method of Greek grammar learning and for all you preparing for the Ellinomatheia Exams, I wish you the best of luck! Enjoy, you are in great hands!

Vasilis Vavaitis

Vasilis Vavaitis, Teacher

I hold a degree in Primary Education from the University of Athens and worked as a Greek language teacher since 1992 in many educational organizations in Greece, Bulgaria, England, Argentina and Poland. I joined The Greek Online School team in 2016, initially as a teacher. My involvement in The Greek Online School LMS gave a new perspective in my professional position and role as I truly hope my videos and instructions will inspire you to master Greek grammar!

Maria Gkeme

Maria Gkeme, Teacher

I hold a BA in Greek Philology and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My studies engaged me into teaching Greek as a Second/Foreigh language, but also into applying new technologies on the learning procedure. Creating content for this LMS course was my part in trying to make grammar more approachable and comprehensible to Greek language learners. I hope I did it!

Stella Michael

Stella Michael, Teacher

I hold a BA in Modern Greek Philology, an MA in Modern Greek Literature and I am currently a PhD Candidate. Ι have completed the course “Routes in teaching Modern Greek as a second/foreign language” and I taught Greek as a foreign language for seven years at the University of Cyprus and Cyprus College. I found the revision and editing process of The Greek Online School LMS quite challenging and very productive. So happy to be part of it!


  • To be a basic user of the Greek Language (A2 accomplished)
  • To follow a general B1 course for developing the rest of language skills (recommended generally but essential especially when preparing for the Ellinomatheia Exams). Greek Lessons B1
  • To be able to write in Greek with your keyboard. You can add the Greek language on your pc or just try this.
  • Start: October 10,2021
  • Length: 30 weeks
  • Price: 187€
  • Course Provider: The Greek Online School
  • Subject: Greek Grammar B1 Ellinomatheia
  • Language: English - Greek

Recommended but not required: Greek Lessons B1

Course Contact Person

Ms Maria Gkeme

Technical Contact Person

Mr Panos Konstantopoulos